oN the farm

In addition to being beekeepers, the Godfreys are novice ornithologists.  Our love for birds can be seen the minute someone comes up our long driveway as you are greeted with our tall pole with purple martin nesting gourds or through the red-winged black bird in our logo.   Birds do their fair share of controlling populations of insects that harm the produce, so they are just another aide to our organic model.  Whether it is the common sparrow nesting in our berry bushes, the killdeer that makes her nest in the middle of our driveway which we have to put cones around to protect, the purple martins that sweep over our pond picking off mosquitos or the pheasant that shows up at the end of the season to pick up all the berries that have fallen to the ground, Olde Carthage Farm welcomes birds of all types.  If you are a fellow enthusiast, come wonder the property to see what rare bird species you may find surprising you or sit a spell on our cabin porch and trade some birding stories.  We are always happy to discuss the topic.   


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